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Interventions and main activities of the College

St. Mary’s College has shown fundamental progresses in its diversity and quality of addressing the basic livelihood problem of the community and society. Activities of the education training and the associated development interventions undertaken are all in line with its initial objectives that broadly encompass addressing the problem of food security and unemployment situation of the society. Generally, therefore, the College is making different integrated efforts so that its future interventions would be based on existing realities that would ensure the sustainability of its operations.

St. Mary College has been involved in a multi-faced development programs. However, we can categorize in to two main departments:

  • Educational and training program in a short and long in (regular and extension);
  • Social development activities.

Social development programs

As part and parcel of the College, different activities are implementing particularly in the Rural Development Project (RDP).  RDP was established for the purpose of facilitating the transfer of new methods and practices developed in the department of agriculture of the College to the farmers of the area.  Furthermore, RDP is meant to provide a platform for out reaches and field training activities of students of the college. In the past experiences of the college, RDP used to provide apprenticeship programs to the students of the College so that they would get good practical exercises in the field of agriculture.

Currently, the college is implementing the following social development programs.