Support for local agriculture

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Outreach & Rural Livelihood Improvement Activities

The main objective of this project is on food security situation of targeted household improved and enhances agricultural productivity/production. (Horticulture and livestock production of beneficiaries increased). 

The main activities of the project (DRD-ORLIP):

  • Livestock production 
    • Sheep production 
    • Chicken production 
    • Beekeeping 
  • Horticulture production 
    • Vegetable and fruit tree production 
    • Motor pump distribution 
    • Tridle pump distribution 
  • Strengthen local cooperatives 
    • Construction shop and warehouse
    • Purchase of office tools and stationary
  • Outreach 
    • Organize field visit to St. Mary’s college students 
    • Cooperative training St. Mary’s College students 
  • Capacity Building (Project Beneficiaries, Local Cooperative leaders,  Governmental experts and project staff)

Integrated Natural Resource Management Afforestation Project (AFP), with the specific objectives include:

  • Rehabilitating   degraded land through physical soil and water conservation, forest trees plantation and introducing multipurpose and environmentally friendly exotic tree species in the project site
  • Preserve and promoting of natural regeneration   of the existing endangered forest trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants
  • Promoting biodiversity conservation and rational and wise use of natural resources on basis of integrated watershed development plan