• Il College St Mary's Wukro

Wukro Saint Mary’s College

The Ethiopian Catholic Church (ECC) is the presence of the Universal Church in Ethiopia and involved in integrated human development through its social, pastoral and development programs.  The Church institutions operate at community and national levels to provide health, women empowerment, education and community development programs with special attention to the poorest and most vulnerable groups. 

Wukro St. Mary’s Institution is an educational institution of the Catholic Eparchy of Adigrat, which has been established in 1995 to render formal and non-formal education, rural development and natural resources management service in Wukro and Kilite Awlalo. The institution is a non-profit making adopting the Catholic Church’s vision, mission, and objectives.  

The establishment of the institution as a technical and vocational school hinges upon the primary purpose of addressing the problem of unemployment and under employment that was prevalent in the town of Wukro and its surroundings through the provision of Technical and Vocational Training Programs. 

Gradually, the school was promoted to the College level in 2005 to fulfil the objectives of serving the rural communities by giving high quality of education and training programs. At the moment, the College is implementing the TVET curriculum designed by the Ministry of Education, comprehending different programs to produce manpower with required quality skill and practical knowledge.  

Vision Statement

Wukro Saint Mary’s College envisions being a centre of excellence equipped with modern technology that produces competent man power that contributes to develop the society.