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The goal of the project is to contribute to the regional efforts of poverty alleviation through the provision of high quality and demand-driven technical and vocational training and education with the ethical values to unemployed and under employed people and farmers living in Wukro town and surrounding villages, which will help them to create their own jobs or get employed. 

General Objective

Wukro St. Mary’s College offers regular/extension training programs for full-time and evening students respectively. Furthermore, we have been able to implement various programs of social importance. The College is committed to implement the following five specific objectives:

Specific objectives 

  • To prepare the pupils with a solid moral and human foundation so that their whole human persons grow in harmony.
  • To produce self reliant and active practitioners with problem solving capacities;
  • To contribute to the development of the country through self-employed graduates addressing the problem of unemployment;
  • To encourage students to be responsible citizens, capable of organizing their lives and their societies in a proper manner; 
  • To reduce poverty and other social problems (farmers) through implementation of relevant development programs linked with the academic aspects.